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Whether you are starting a new business or simply need help with a touch of rebranding, getting the written content right for your website is more than just getting some words on the page.

Most people look at a web page and within ten seconds, unless the content has grabbed their attention, they are off and scrolling towards the next website.

The way to get your website higher in the search engine rankings involves a bit of cleverness and a liberal application of ingenuity. A seemingly magic gathering of search engine optimisation (SEO) words (without which your page stays flat and low on those rankings) and pretty awesome descriptions of pages.

I will begin our journey by gaining a detailed understanding of what it is you want from a website and what your expectations are, seeking to know about your brand values, your ethos and your target audience. At this stage, I then ask that you complete the client questionnaire to better understand what brands, designs and other websites appeal to you – this exercise is designed to get some insight into you as a person.

Following this, a paragraph will be produced in a couple of styles to give you some options to consider.

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