Social Media Content

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Creating content for great social media posts is a fantastic way to engage with your audience. However, to create consistently engaging posts is far harder than most people believe, until they have tried it. Readers want fun, engaging posts that they will enjoy interacting with – maybe even buying from, so content really is key.

With regard to setting the style and tone of writing, your view of funny, attention-grabbing, or trendy will be different from the writer’s. Via a quick-and easy-questionnaire, I can then see what you like which will aid me in producing the best content for you.

Following discussion, in person or virtually, I will create a couple of posts in different styles so that you can best choose tone of voice and style. After this exercise, I will create content based on what it is you wish to post, and on which social media platform.

Content can be written weekly, fortnightly or monthly and it will be sent directly to you for posting.

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