Do you have a box full of old diaries, or notebooks full of daily or weekly observations, or maybe you’ve got a story in your head and now is the time to get it written, but you don’t know how to start?

Then look no further. A ghostwriter loves to write manuscripts using other people’s ideas. This service can be applied to pretty much anything you need help getting onto paper, and the best bit is – you own the rights. So, no one ever needs to know that you didn’t write it.

As your ghostwriter, I can weave a plot around the contents of your life stories or ideas and turn them into wonderful manuscripts, which can be based on your life events or that plot in your head.

I also write non-fiction and will deliver your book in an easy-to-follow, authentic style that your intended reader will love.

Ghostwriting is often associated with celebrity autobiographies, but in fact can be applied to any content not directly written by the author. These include, but are not limited to: Lifestyle books, speeches, blog posts, business books, newsletters and book proposals.

Below are the Ghostwriting services WordsbyRedkite offers:

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