Blogs are a useful and fun way to engage the reader, and through regular posts can help build relationships and a following. But they are exceedingly difficult to produce consistently while carrying out you work-related everyday tasks.

That’s where I can help by writing monthly, fortnightly or weekly blogs for you to post on your website as your own.

I will provide a client questionnaire to find out more about your target audience and reasons for blogging, and then over coffee, virtually or not, together we will help build a picture of what you want to achieve and your expectations. During this time, the brief will be developed further.

You may require a blog post that is vibrant, stylish or funny – but your view of those things will probably be very different from the writer’s. Therefore, a paragraph will be developed to provide you with a choice of copy, style and tone of voice.

This is a free exercise, without commitment, unless you appoint me and then it is chargeable. I hope that you will appreciate this service and value its quality.

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