Now the awkward bit – money:

My day rate is £400. However, I usually quote for the project, not the time it’s going to take. That way you know exactly how much you need to budget.

As a rough guide, LinkedIn posts are £85 each, blog posts start from £145 and articles from £185. Web pages are tricky to guestimate as they range so widely. The start price is £175 but is negotiable depending on the amount of text.

The exact price I quote will depend on a range of things, including research time and word count.

For a free consultation and no-obligation quote, just drop me an email. If you have a question – let’s chat.

Commission my writing services and help potential clients find you on Google, with posts that will enlighten, inspire and thrill them into action.

I can take care of the words and for anything else, I have a network of creative contacts who can provide a package tailored to suit your needs.

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