Who doesn’t love a nail-biting Thriller, or become intrinsically involved in an emotional drama?

Most great stories are told by people who didn’t think they were writers.

Perhaps you have a gripping concept or story in mind, but don’t know how to tell it.

Or you have the characters names and backgrounds ready, but you struggle with putting feelings into words.

Hiring a Ghostwriter to do “the boring work” gives you the opportunity to think freely, without worrying about the fluff.

You can leave that up to me.

My process is:

  • We have a … conversation over coffee (or tea is you prefer), and talk about your concept.
  • Once we’ve agreed upon a method of working, I will then produce a manuscript.
  • We work together until you are overjoyed with the end result. And I mean, overjoyed.

If you want to be the next Charlotte Bronte, or perhaps Val McDermid, then you should definitely get in touch.

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