Joanne Carly, Wedding Planner

“Writing words and putting them in an order that makes sense isn’t my forte. So, I hired Donna to help write my blogs. From this, she also produced a few social media posts each month. Donna went above and beyond, to begin with, I would send her a few ideas and lines and she’d turn these into fantastic blogs that really told my story.

After a few months, she was doing all the research for me and then writing the blogs and this was an absolute godsend. Being a busy business owner with general hectic life too one less thing on my to-do list really helped ease the pressure knowing I didn’t need to think about the content and the time it would then take to write the blog. I would highly recommend Donna to those that really want their words to tell a story and are struggling to do this themselves.”

Liam Baird, Mindset Marketing

“I was required to write a business vision for a new project that I will be hoping to undertake. I sat down for a few hours and wrote out my vision. After reading through I knew I hadn’t explained things the way I would have liked it to sound, and neither did it sound as exciting as I would have liked.

This is when I decided to pick up the phone and give Donna a call. Donna completely exceeded my expectations and she got the vision back to me in no time! After reading through it myself, I was amazed by the story and the excitement that was created. It wasn’t just me either who was blown away by the work, as the director whom I had to show it to loved it.

You simply have to go to, Donna if you want to turn your content into a piece of art. I will be telling every business owner that wants to improve their content or get better engagement from their content to go have a chat with Donna as they will not regret it.

Thank you so much, Donna and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Lisa Valentine, LV Business Support

“Increasing my visibility on social media is one of my goals for the first part of 2020 so I knew I needed to do something to make this happen.

When I started my Lockdown Virtual Workshops, I asked Donna to write me some content to “promote” this in a fairly casual way.

All I did was tell her what it was, why I was doing it and what I wanted to achieve, and she came back with a great post that said everything I needed it to, it sounded like me and it got a great response.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Donna to anyone looking for a creative, professional, trustworthy copywriter.”

Fiona Millington, Fiona Millington Photography

“Donna has been writing blog posts and LinkedIn posts for the last 6 weeks or so for Fiona Millington Photography.

What can I say… Donna has literally breathed life into my business. We all have access to the words in a dictionary but Donna from Redkite is able to use them in such a way that it is inspirational – the difference between us is akin to Morecombe and Wise and Andre Previn – all the right words just not necessarily in the right order.

Donna takes time to get to know you and as such is able to become the voice for your business. I cannot say enough about how good she is at what she does – she is a literary genius with a heart of gold.”

Paul Neal, Missing Element Mortgages

“Donna has been an absolute lifesaver.

Without Donna, I genuinely wouldn’t like to think where my business would be right. I get 80% of all my business through Social Media, and without Donna’s copy that number would be significantly lower.

The time and stress she saves me by managing my social media mean I can focus my time on converting the leads that come in from this.

If you haven’t used a copywriter before, it’s a necessity, now I have new, fresh and entertaining content on my socials daily, all thanks to Donna.”

Debbie Harrison, Author

“I met Donna through a networking group on a professional basis, but it was my hobby of creative writing that I requested her assistance with a development edit of a full-length manuscript.

Donna produced an editorial report that was thorough and understandable. Suggesting how to expand chapters with new scene ideas and advised on elements of the story that included structure, point of view, dialogue, characters and themes. She was always happy to discuss any queries or issues that arose and explained everything in a clear-cut manner, guiding and supporting me through the whole task.

Her critiques were always well thought out and relevant and she was always an enthusiastic sounding board, her encouragement knew no bounds.  She inspired me and motivated me to do better and think bigger. She brought a little sparkle to the early draft of my manuscript.

I would definitely recommend her Development Edit service for your short stories or full-length manuscripts.

Thank you, Donna.”

Adrian Ganderton, Owner of Tree House Cakes

“To Donna,

You started writing blogs and other social media posts for me some time ago. You certainly write with a passion for the product or service you are writing about.

As I have got to know you, it is always amusing reading your posts as I always visualise you reading them out loud in the Donna style.

Thank you for your continued writing for me and your continued invaluable support.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to any business helping them to get their messaging right

Highly recommended.”

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