“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.”

– Leo Burnett

My name is Donna Shepherd, and I am a copywriter based in Warwickshire. My strength is writing copy that makes your business accessible and human.

I have been writing and editing since 2013, hold a master’s degree in English Literature from Loughborough University and am a member of Procopywriters – the UK’s largest membership organisation for commercial copywriters. I am also a published author.

I bring a unique brand of personality and humour to any situation and write content that is engaging and interesting to read, creating ideas and concepts that fit the brief and deliver high-quality copy that is professionally researched and aimed at the target audience.

Working from home, while providing me with instant access to the biscuit tin and coffee, also allows me to simply walk down the stairs, via the kitchen, and straight into my office. A space that is mine and mine alone. Yes, there’s a sofa which I occasionally invite my daughter to lounge on after she’s bought me coffee and we chat, but mainly the sofa is for Harry, my rescue terrier. Funny story there, remember to ask me about it sometime.

My content has you at its centre, so everything I write is produced after I have spent some time getting to know you, courtesy of ‘the client brief’ and chats over Zoom with coffee.

I am a naturally positive and enthusiastic type who loves to write cracking content for lovely people who deserve to get their brand/product noticed.

Give your written content a chance and get in touch today!

I write content for websites, social media posts, articles and blogs.

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