The Joys of a House Move!

Instead of cleaning my house, I’m just going to move to a new one!

It’s been ages since I’ve written a blog and the only viable excuse I can offer, is that I’m so damn busy writing for my clients.

While I love being busy it does rather leave less time for other things. Some are wonderful – like not inhabiting the kitchen to raid the biscuit tin and subsequently losing some weight, while others, moving house, for example are not so conducive to being self-employed.

Two years ago, I floated the idea of us moving house to hubby and daughter and was met with a resounding silence. My reasons were that I wished to move to a more condensed home, with less corridors, lower-ceilings and far less steps. We were sat at the dinner table, and I had just declared that I could no longer tackle all the housework while running my own business.

Hubby stared at me aghast. ‘But I always vacuum on a Saturday afternoon when I’m done for the week, while Erin,’ he turned to her for support, ‘vacuums upstairs.’ She nodded sagely in agreement.

Because we all know that vacuuming once a week is the ONLY thing that ever needs doing in any home, let alone a hundred-year-old cavernous dust-trap where spiders actively spin the next web as you clean an existing one! And when I say web, I am talking Colosseums of Splendour befitting the dotage of my eight-legged hosts, who I believe have been here a lot longer than the eleven or so years we’ve shared this space with them.

Cue the cavernous dust-trap!

Anyway, the outcome of the discussion was the agreement that everyone would pull their weight more OR I would be engaging the services of the cleaner that one of my friends used. You can imagine the stunned expressions I was faced with!

Fast-forward two years and here I am about to move into a new home. I have the hurdle of living with my parents for a month or so, in their caravan (I shall return to this later) before getting the keys to our new pad.

Oh, by the way, I did end up engaging those cleaning services fairly soon after that discussion!

I keep ordering boxes!

Yes, I know I am moving but friends of ours also recently moved (6 months after being told their house would be ready!) and they have kindly given us their boxes too. So now I have an unusable dining room because it’s piled high with boxes!

Hubby, keeps asking if I’m on top of it all…

Christ, can he not tell by the wide-eyed gaze, the unwashed hair and general sense of panic that no, actually I don’t have this, but I will. I keep telling myself I will and after all it really was my idea to move house. So, I have to have this, because I have hubby who works long hours and a daughter whose autism rarely lets her see that there is a whole house to move – not just her and her clothes and her furniture. That she wants to move at all is an achievement in itself, mainly because she was the one sticking point for us staying here – she doesn’t do change and when coerced or even forced, as I have done a couple of times, it’s not always plain sailing although the end result is a happy, smiling child who enjoyed the adventure and was pleased that I’d encouraged her along.

Someone who is not pleased is Harry, my four year-old rescue terrier. He keeps looking suspiciously at the packing going on around him. The speech bubble hovering over his head simply changes from, ‘where are they going,’ to ‘am I going with them?’ I’m hoping he will love the new house – bigger garden and more space and a new office for him and me to make our own. Speaking of which, my parents have bought me a large canvas of a RedKite (the bird of prey, not my ‘redkite’) set against a stunning blue sky.

My logo was supposed to be that of the bird of prey, but I was advised to go with the seemingly friendlier image of a red, red kite bobbing about in the breeze. I still prefer the bird of prey and may well one day get my logo changed!

If you’ve got this far through this blog, a) well done and thank you, and b) let me know your thoughts about the logo thing in the comments below.

The house is almost built!

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