Are you too close to your own content?

Yes, there is absolutely such a thing. You might think that being an expert in your industry makes you the most qualified to market your services/products. But there are two important reasons as to why that could be the very reason your content isn’t getting enough traffic or conversions.

The first, undoubtedly, is being too close to the subject might not make you see just how confusing your jargon and message can be to potential clients. Remember, you’re not talking to other experts here, you’re talking to someone who needs you, which means that they probably don’t even understand what you’re offering in the first place.

The second is that you simply cannot be objective enough when you write about your own business. When you’re too close to the subject, you begin doubting and questioning what you’re saying, which is something that you don’t want reflected in your content.

In today’s click and collect society you only have a few seconds to engage readers before they click and have gone.

Writing content for some social media posts, your website or maybe even a blog, one that engages and excites your audience, is a perfectly doable task.

Or it would be perfectly doable if you didn’t work a sixty-hour week and only have a brief window within which to create attention-grabbing content to reach your target audience.

Is that window typically, a Sunday afternoon for you?

You find yourself at your desk, or worse, perched on the end of the sofa – your spouse throwing daggers at you across the children’s heads – while you attempt to lay out some sort of social media plan for the week ahead.

All you want to do is relax with the family, drinking something well-deserved and laughing along with the gang at the movie playing on the tv. But you have to write something, anything, for next week’s content.

Let’s be brutal here - This is not a great time for creativity.

Small business owner struggling to write content.

A product description that is well-written can be the difference between attracting that target audience and another missed opportunity. Not to place too fine a point on this, but essentially you have seconds and within those few precious seconds you have got to grab the attention of search engines, while capturing the imagination of potential customers.

So, let words do your selling.

Copywriters can help you sell as a small business owner in the you.

Being a glass half-full kinda gal, I thought I’d offer some smart advice on how you can get the right content in front of the right audience.

Essentially, know who this audience is – and I mean really know them. Solving someone’s issue or problem is a massive selling point – why else would they bother getting in touch. Drive home what it is you do and the specific problem you solve.

Think about what makes your business so special – what is your unique selling point and how do you look after your clients?

 Are you ready to make yourself a priority?

There is a captive audience out there – a huge number of people are sitting at home – trawling through the internet, making future plans for weddings, house moves, financial investments, new businesses, existing businesses, sending gifts of brownies and flowers by post to family, friends, colleagues and employees, getting married, divorced or even dying – redesigning websites and maybe even looking for job advice and new employees.

Sloppy writing is bad news for your business: if the writing’s no good, what else don’t you care about?

Content should be exciting as well as informative – a new launch, maybe branding, but writing about yourself, what you do, the problems you solve in business – just does not come naturally. You also do not have time for endless typing, deleting, stressing and more deleting.

Cue a copywriter – well, me to be exact.

A copywriter will:

  • help generate new and fresh ideas
  • make sure your brand communicates well with the target audience
  • humanise the brand
  • write interesting and engaging work that will inspire and connect with clients.

And let’s be honest, you’ll have more time to focus on the important stuff – running your own business.

If you do today what you did yesterday, then the chances are that you will do tomorrow what you did today  

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