“A word after a word after a word is power”

– Margaret Atwood

WordsbyRedKite is based in Warwickshire and helps business owners use everyday language to connect with their intended audience. People want to read copy that’s interesting, amusing and holds their attention right until the end. WordsbyRedKite will do that for you.

Writing in the most accessible and persuasive way is why content writers are the experts when it comes to establishing the right information for your audience’s needs. No jargon, or long unpronounceable words, because writing is just like having a conversation. I’ll take your brand, develop a tone, mix it with a bit of magic, and pop it up there on screen. No fuss or drama.


Lessons I’ve Learnt as a Professional Copywriter

This guest post was written by Lewis Camp (Copywriter at Big Reach Marketing)  It’s now been an entire year since I started my role as a full-time copywriter at Big Reach. The position has been thoroughly enjoyable, presenting me with lots of amazing opportunities to dive into brand new subjects and generally flex my creativity …

Why choose a copywriter?

Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

You could write your own copy – like I could train to become an astronaut and be on that Mars expedition, but hang on – I’m the wrong side of forty, love cake and tolerate exercise. Plus, I really can’t abide cramped small spaces.

Writing content for your website, social media posts, or maybe a blog – you know, one that will engage and excite your audience, is perfectly doable. But you are sitting – maybe on a Sunday – at your desk, or on the sofa and all you really want to do is relax with the family, drinking something well-deserved after a hard week at work. But you have to write something, anything, for next week’s content.

It really does sound as if you need a copywriter.

Why choose me?

“I would highly recommend Donna to those that really want their words to tell a story and are struggling to do this themselves.”

Joanne Carly,
Wedding Planner